Hi!  I’m Kit Williamson!  I’m a headshot photographer and actor based out of Los Angeles, California.  I was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi.  Acting took me to Interlochen Arts Academy for highschool in northern Michigan, and Fordham University for college in New York City.  While I was studying at Fordham, I made my Broadway debut in the Tony-nominated revival of Talk Radio, starring Liev Schreiber.  In the last few years, I’ve been able to act in a number of great plays Off and Off-Off broadway, as well as a handful of exciting indie films, t.v. shows and national commercials.  You can read more about my acting work at www.kitwilliamson.com.  I am just as proud of the work I’ve been able to do behind the camera, helping actors to capture the essence of who they are and what makes them special in a photograph.  Having been in your shoes I know just how challenging it can be to get a great headshot and I love being able to help actors take their careers to the next level.


At first glance, the answer is as simple and straightforward as the question:  I take pictures of actors.  But because actors are, by their very nature, creatures of great complexity and depth, the question deserves closer attention.  A great headshot, first and foremost, captures how a person looks on their best day.  I love helping actors look their best, from hair and makeup, to wardrobe selection, to clothing choice, I guide them through the process.  I also make sure that the lighting is flattering– I work exclusively with natural light because it is both flattering and honest.  A great headshot also must communicate an actor’s “type,” their most obvious casting.  I make sure to talk to every actor I shoot about they kind of roles they play and how to communicate their type through a photograph.  Lastly, I think great headshots are separated from good headshots because of an attention to detail.  I take joy in capturing subtle thoughts;  the moment right before a laugh, the untold story behind the eyes.


I’ve always taken pictures– growing up my mother would have to wrestle away the family’s camera from me because I’d use up all the film taking candids of my grandparents.  Four years ago I picked up a camera to take headshots for a friend of mine who needed them desperately.  He didn’t have the money to pay a photographer NYC rates and his agents were demanding he update his look.  He took a risk on me and his agents were thrilled with the results and solicited my portfolio.  Without much to show them, I gathered a few more friends and took their headshots and I’ve been taking headshots steadily ever since.  I love nothing more than being able to help actors advance their career.  When a client tells me they were able to secure representation using a headshot we took together, or that they have seen an increase in how often they go out for auditions, I’m just as excited as they are!

Whether you’re looking to update your look at the request of your representation, or you’re gearing up to have your first professional shots taken, you’ve come to the right place.

Having worked extensively as an actor on both coasts, I know what casting directors, agents and managers are looking for in a headshot– you!  I can help you communicate what makes you special.  I’ll guide you through the entire process from wardrobe consultation to picture selection– I guarantee you won’t leave your session without a picture you’re excited about!